Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications

Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications


“I and five Directors of Student Education, alongside the management team of our Faculty Student Education Service (led by our Faculty Education Service Manager, Richander Birkinshaw), are here to help students and staff achieve their educational goals within the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications (PVAC). We aim to maintain a creative and effective partnership between staff and students, both through our system of Student Staff Forums, and with Leeds University Union representatives and officers.”

Student Education in the faculty is delivered in five key areas:

School of Media and Communication

The School of Media and Communication is one of the largest teaching and research institutes of its kind in Britain. We are currently ranked 3rd for Communication and Media Studies in the UK according to the Complete University Guide1. We’re especially proud that we attract the top students to our programmes – ensuring that you’ll study with equally high-achieving peers – and that we have one of the highest employment rates of graduates in the subject area. Of course, league tables only provide part of the picture so we encourage you to visit us and learn more about the teaching and support we offer our students.

School of Design

The School of Design offers an exciting range of degree courses, each of which enables you to specialise in a particular area of practice, whilst providing a strong theoretical grounding in relevant subjects.

University of Leeds graduates are highly regarded by employers. Your studies will enable you to develop a wide range of skills to prepare you for your career, as well as your knowledge of the art and design world and related employment.

As a graduate of the School, you will be prepared to work as a designer or manager in a variety of contexts, including the media, marketing, retailing and manufacturing.

School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies

The undergraduate degrees offered by the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies combine the flexibility of a modern modular structure with the cohesiveness of the more traditional undergraduate degree. A strong focus on the fundamentals of each discipline provides the basis for a wide range of specialist and inter-disciplinary options in which students, in whichever programme they are registered, benefit from the remarkable range of resources available.

Within the School, one of the largest and most vigorous in the United Kingdom, you will be part of a friendly and energetic student and staff community. The majority of our undergraduates come to us directly from “A” Level but our Fine Art course also takes students direct from BTech Foundation colleges. We have a growing number of mature and international students whose presence on our undergraduate degree courses we value very highly.

School of Music

Studying in the School of Music at Leeds is a stimulating and challenging experience. All cultures and forms of music, historically and geographically, interest us and are seen as valuable and important. Even though no one degree programme can cover everything, this ethos is central to our approach to teaching, and is reflected in both the breadth and range of our provision, and in the size and diversity of our staff. We work as practitioners and theorists, creating research at the cutting edge which directly informs our teaching. Historical, social, cultural, critical, philosophical, psychological, and technological research is brought to bear on the study of music in education, composition, performance and reception. We not only have internationally-recognised expertise in the academic study of music but also make music, write about it in the press, give interviews in the media, develop new music technology and engage with some of the most profound and influential philosophical, religious and political ideas. Our research, concert series, performances, and compositions have regional, national and international reach and dissemination.

School of Performance & Cultural Industries

We offer a range of courses which will enable you to develop understanding of your specialism through the investigation of theory, and related practical exploration. The programmes aim to give you specific skills in your discipline, a firm understanding of the theoretical frameworks, and the ability to analyse and discuss your work. You will also develop generic skills; high level communication skills, creativity, team working, and problem solving. You will be equally well prepared for the creative marketplace or further academic or professional study.

Performance is central to how human beings communicate and interact – on stage and in the wider world. It is also central to the cultural industries, one of the world’s fastest growing sources of employment. Studying performance from the perspective of a performer, designer or manager within the context of the cultural industries enables you to develop:

  • the creativity of an artist;
  • the insight of the cultural activist;
  • the dynamism of an entrepreneur.

Although we are diverse in interests and approaches and maintain many subject-specific goals and methods, students in PVAC often find they have much in common:

  • They may be asked to develop academic and practical skills across disciplinary boundaries.
  • They will often learn how to work independently and creatively to solve complex issues.
  • They have particular opportunities to develop skills in collaborative working.
  • They have many opportunities to gain workplace experience.
  • They will be expected to gain an an understanding of global challenges, solutions and contexts and how they apply to their subject.
  • They will learn within a research-rich culture, and to apply a knowledge of the research process in their work.”

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Student Education Key Staff


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